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Independent pharmacist lends transparency to inconsistencies of drug pricing

Small town independent pharmacist Steve Patton is attempting to revolutionize the way patients shop for prescription medications. is the first website to reveal the coveted wholesale cost of prescriptions.

For decades this information has remained elusive to the consumers, giving them no means to recognize if the price they are paying is fair. Pharmacist and founder of, Steve Patton has for years searched for the best way to publish this exclusive content. He is now launching as a way to empower consumers to take control of their prescription expenses.

A yearly subscription to grants access to the wholesale cost of thousands of name brand and generic medications, while also suggesting a fair retail price for each drug. Price changes are routinely updated and new drugs are added to the database as they enter the market.

The website is positioned to turn the healthcare industry upside down. Empowered with the knowledge of the wholesale cost of their medication, Mr. Patton is banking on consumers demanding fair and consistent pricing of prescription drugs. Much like the “dealer invoice” movement gave car buyers in the 90’s, prescription drug buyers can use this powerful information to negotiate pricing, shop around or talk with their physician about lower cost drug options before ever reaching to the cash register.

Mr. Patton is a retired pharmacist who grew his independent pharmacy into one of the largest in South Carolina before retiring in 2008. He believes consumers have been mislead into thinking that all pharmacies charge similar prices. This is simply not the case and some pharmacies charge outrageously inflated prices on a vast array of drugs.’s mission is to prepare consumers to navigate through the ever-changing prescription drug cost landscape.

User’s have saved hundreds with “I've been suffering from migraines. My doctor gave me a prescription for 6 tablets of Maxalt. My pharmacy charges $215.00! I checked and learned a wholesale cost of 6 tablets of Maxalt is $7.50. With this info I called around and found 12 tablets for $59.00. I got twice as many tablets for a fraction of the price the other pharmacy wanted for 6!! I love this website!! Thank you!!” ~ Anita S.

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