Frequently Asked Questions

How does knowing the wholesale cost of a drug help me to lower my prescription cost?

Most consumers believe prescription drug prices are similar from one pharmacy to the next. But this is not true! Each store or chain store sets their own prices based on their pricing strategy. The retail cash prices are not and cannot be regulated. Prices vary significantly from one pharmacy to the next, even within the same chain. Knowing your drug’s wholesale cost helps you determine if you are paying a fair price from your pharmacy.

Example 1: If the wholesale cost is around $5.00/mo., and your pharmacy is charging you $75.00/mo. now you will know that you need to shop for a lower price.

Example 2: Your doctor prescribes a brand name drug and the retail price is $150.00/mo. After using PrescriptionBlueBook™.com, you find that the wholesale cost of the drug is $115.00/mo. You’ll then want to talk with your doctor about a lower priced alternative while maintaining an effective medication program.

It may also be time to consider negotiating with your pharmacy on your prescription. This practice is becoming more mainstream, especially on higher priced drugs. Arming yourself with wholesale pricing is the best way to enter a negotiation that can save you hundreds of dollars a year!

How do I get started?

Subscribe now and you will immediately have access to wholesale costs of thousands of name brand and generic drugs for you, your family and even your pets for an entire year! Once you are logged in click “Drug Index” to search your drug then click “add bluebook”. Each time you log in you will immediately land on your own “My BlueBook” page where your previously searched drug will be listed. Add as many as you like.

Each time your doctor prescribes a new medication for you or your family, log in and find out the drug’s cost. You’ll know immediately if you should talk with your doctor about less expensive alternative drug treatment, shop for a lower price or negotiate a lower price with your pharmacy.

Never have a prescription filled or refilled again without first knowing your drug’s wholesale cost from PrescriptionBlueBook™.com!

I have an insurance plan that helps pay for my prescriptions. It appears that occasionally my co-pay is much more than what other customers paying cash are charged for the same prescription. Could this be possible?

Not only could you save more by paying cash on lower cost drugs, but your insurance premium could be lower by not filing the prescription claim to your insurance company.

Can I try looking at one drug before I purchase a yearly subscription?

We offer a yearly subscription to our customers in order to better accommodate their prescription drug needs annually. The medication you need to today may change in two months, and you will have access to our powerful database for an entire year to save on every medication that you and your family are prescribed. Each time you log in, you will be taken to “My BlueBook” where all your previous searches are saved. You will even see a graph that shows the fluctuation in prices for the drug.

What type of payment to do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover. In addition, you may mail us a check to PO Box 1151 Woodruff, SC 29388 to activate your subscription to PrescriptionBlueBook™.com. Please include your email address with your payment.

What if my drug is not listed?

Simply call us at 877-320-4740 or email us with your drug name and you will receive a response within 24 hours of your specific drug’s cost to the pharmacy.